The Darkness, the Silence and the Evil.

A dark, vicious universe of opportunities. And you’re standing here. Right here. You look around and you see nothing. It’s pitch dark, and you rub your eyes wishing you’d see something. Disappointed, you fall to the ground on your knees, taxed and capitulated to life, asking yourself, “Everyone is at their happy place! Everyone is beautiful, rich, loved, proud, and successful. Why don’t I see my dream? Where is all that I wished for? All I see is black. This is frustrating me, I want to just sit here. I want to give up. I don’t want to try anymore.

The Silence spoke, “Take off everything you have in that head of yours, my child, and stop being so querulous. Don’t just look, focus. Focus, and you’ll see your dreams.
You lift your head. Clinching your brows, you peer through the black air. Slowly, you dust off your shoulder, fix your hair, broaden your chest and stand up on your feet. You shut your eyes and take a long, deep breathe.
Igniting the fire, you say to your soul, “I’m going to win. Nothing stops me from being what I dream of!”
You open your eyes, and begin to walk. The fire in them, is guiding you. The fire of hunger. The fire of desire. The fire of the unstoppable.
You walk faster. And faster. You trip over the evil. He’s trying to pull you back. He’s wily and crafty. He’s going to blow into your eyes and you’re going to be blinded again, only to go back to where you started. He’s wants to put out your light!
Despite of his deceiving ascetic looks and incandescent behavior, you will protect your light.
You’re going to stay strong. You’re going to get back on the fighting ring and knock him out! You’re going to say “NO”!
Now you begin to head towards your dream faster and faster. You’ve bent your spine and you’re cutting through the dark. Crushing everything that ever pulled you down, you run faster towards the light! Your brows still clinched and you remain in focus, blurring the evil. You’re sweating and panting, but your body refuses to give up.
You can see yourself getting closer and closer. Closer, to your dreams. The light at the end of the path is enlarging. Excitement fills you! You begin to tear up. As the tear rolls down your face, you feel more determined.
Very unexpectedly, you are encapsulated by a bright light! You hear a loud applause and see happy faces around you.
Oh my God, congratulations honey!
I’m so proud of you!
All the hard work payed off. Congrats!

The Silence was broken. The Darkness was overshadowed by your light. The Evil, he’s no more.
They came, they taught and left.
You’ve learnt a lesson for life, haven’t you?


The Mask

Masks can be dangerous. Very dangerous.
We all will eventually become what we pretend to be.
When you’re alone, in the dark, peer through the crepuscular atmosphere around you and find yourself.
This is where you will feel, the real you. When no soul is in vicinity of yours, your mind will think, you. It will think your thoughts. Your own.
You will sit there, talking to yourself. And loving yourself.
But wait! Are you unable to do that? Are you unable to talk to your inner self? Unable to love yourself?
Has the mask walked you away, too far, from your very own soul?
Why did you let this happen, honey? It was so gradual, you didn’t even realize!
Always remember, from now on, the most important meeting you have is with yourself. The most beautiful moments you spend are with your body. The most interesting person to talk to is, yourself. It’s you.

It’s time you take the mask off.
It’s time you meet yourself.
It’s time you love yourself.
Once again.

Toodles x

Young, Wild and Free ~

She woke up one morning. Walked into her balcony. The sun was gleaming through the chilly morning wind, right into her eyes.
The sparkle.
The dance in those eyes said to her,
You, my girl, are young. You are wild. You are free. Don’t you ever let anything make you feel any less powerful!
You must be your own hero. You must be strong and lift that head high while you walk through the crowd.
They’re going to say you’re fat or too thin, you’re too dark or too fair, you’re too tall or too short, you’re too shy or too slutty, but hey! What does your heart say to you?
Listen to it. Very carefully.
Maybe close your eyes.
It’s tells you how magnificent you are! It says that no matter what you want to achieve, you are going to!
Yes. You’re going to look. Aim. And shoot.
There’s nothing you can’t achieve. Nothing.
Don’t let fate write in the book of your life. Step out, step forward, and carve your future. It’s never too late, never too early. The setting is always right.

She took a long breath.
This was the best conversation of her life.

Toodles x

Be your own kind of beautiful! ~

Does all that powder on your face make you uncomfortable? Are those heels not letting you dance your heart off? Is that dress you tried to squeeze into, not letting you hog onto your favorite food?
Take them off!
Just go to the mirror. And look at your beautiful self. Look at how perfect that smile is. Look how perfect those eyes are.
Just look at you.
Just look, at your own kind of beautiful.
Don’t let them tell you what “beautiful” means. It’s nothing but feeling comfortable and confident.
It’s, feeling the best of you.
Impress yourself, before you impress others.
So next time you try to look “beautiful”, check yourself out. Just turn around and flip your hair.
“I’m impressed!”
A big, bright smile is the cherry on the cake.
Because don’t just look beautiful, feel beautiful ❤

Hey, what’s your kind of beautiful?

Let me know in the comments. 🙂

“The sun is on my side
Take me for a ride
I smile up to the sky
I know I’ll be alright”

“Pocketful Of Sunshine”, Natasha Bedingfield


Toodles x