Poems of Love: Obsession

If some day, I confess to you
My heart has no more love for you
Then believe me,
I’m a liar.

Every passing wind, will blow me a memory
Of how you’d look at me
Every breath, will bring with it a memory
Of how you’d smell
And if you ever truly loved me,
I’m sure you can tell
That I’m a liar,
When I say
These memories don’t feel like hell.

As you leave, you take away a piece of me
And I will always carry
A piece of you with me
If ever some day,
The winds blow harder than they should
And my breath feels like I need you,
Will you fight against me,
To love me some more?
Will you fight against time,
To heal, what’s become sore?

Because trust me,
When I say
There’s nothing I won’t do,
To love you the same way
Even if I need to come back
From Hell, for you

And if you ever find,
A new lover
They will never completely have you
Because, after all these moments
Together, with each other
I have in me, a little bit of you
And you have in you,
A whole lot of me.

Told you I’m a liar
I will never let go.
Even if you wanted to,
I won’t let you go.
To my last breath, and even beyond
Your time, your fate, your life
Is knotted to mine.

You may want to forget me,
But I’ll live inside your mind
You may want to leave,
But has Obsession ever been so kind?

I will laugh at Death,
As it tries to do us apart.

My presence, tangible
Or even, not
Will remind those who
Attempt to love you
That if there was ever
A love that was true
It was between
Me and you.

You will never truly love again
I won’t give you a chance
You can’t take a step forward
You will be stuck in a trance

So don’t try baby
Just keep loving me
Because, sweetheart, you’re my world
And I will take you with me.
I will become your shadow,
Never leave you alone
You will take me with you
Wherever you go.

— Gunjan Sethi

Poems of Love: Walk With Me

Oh, don’t you fear
This feeling of love
Let me in; walk with me
I’ll show you what it means

To care, and to be cared for
To touch, and to be touched
To trust, and be trusted upon
To love, and to be loved

We don’t need rules
No expectations, no conditions
All we need;
Is each other-

To care
To touch
To trust
To love.


— Gunjan Sethi

Poems of Love: Kiss me

These thoughts are creating delusions. We’re so close but seem distant.
Kiss me before they can do us apart forever.
Kiss me before we begin to classify this moment as Right or Wrong.
Keep your eyes locked on mine and toss the key to Eternity. What’s holding you back?
Every step you take towards me, you dive deeper into my soul. Some kind of high I can’t explain.
You love my hair, you love this moment, you love the way I write, the way I think.
Tell me what I yearn to hear. Tell me that you love me.
Or don’t? The Silence says it better. Just kiss me.
Shed all these armors you’re wearing. To protect yourself, to protect your heart. Unzip the skins and step out. Look what I have for you.
Let me wear you and you can be my armor. Protecting me from this bad, bad world. You’re the armor I need, wrapped so close to my body. Designed for me.
Let’s make this a journey from locked eyes to locked lips.


— Gunjan Sethi

Poems of Love: Silent Lover

You would never say you love me,
Because it’ll make you love me less?
The way you look into my eyes, I know there’s something more you want.
You want to be held and loved, like a little baby.
You would never say you miss me,
But I know how your passion holds me when you do
The sparkle in your eyes tells me you want to feel me.
But you would never tell me that you want to.

When you lie next to me, run your fingers through my back
When you lie with your head on my lap;
Tell me to play your hair,
When you pull me closer everytime we kiss,
And when you hold me tight, I know it’s forever
You don’t have to say a single word baby.
I know you’re my silent lover.

— Gunjan Sethi