Poems of Love: Possession

You’re a possession of mine
A possession, sweet
A possession- I’ll
Forever, keep

Neither to the earth,
Nor to the sky
When they say I should let go of your body,
They all lie

So what Death consumed you?
You still belong to me
Every cell in your body
Is a possession of mine
A possession, sweet

Your beautiful body and your clear skin
Locked up in this cold, metal tin
If it gets too chilly
My love will keep you warm; don’t you worry

But this is good now
If I hurt you, you won’t bleed
When we argue
You won’t weep

Remember you would say
That I take your breathe away?
Here we are now
The world believes me today.

[to be continued]

– Gunjan Sethi

Poems of Love: Grave

Just feels like last night,
When you held my hand and told me you’ll never leave
A cold night, it was Christmas Eve.

Sitting across; on our bed
That’s all you said
Oh how I longed to hold you that night,
But, honey why’d you look so pale?
And your face;
You weren’t sad, you weren’t happy
You were empty.
And if I moved closer, you’d seem more distant. Why?
Your voice was faint and deep
Like you had lost something. What did you lose?
I wished you’d tell me and I would kiss you to feeling better, just like old times.
But time seemed to have slowed down that night;
And Silence was dense; all over.

26 December, your grave.
Cold breeze, pale grass, an emptiness
Silence, holding memories of you and times that would never return.
And a smile ran across my face
Because you will return,
Again, tonight, as always.


— Gunjan Sethi