Together We Rise: Gunjan Sethi’s Piece

The Nameless Collective

Good morning ladies and gents this morning instead of posting one of our works, I will instead promote one of the wonderful poetics who I have had the pleasure of speaking to lately.
Her name is Gunjan Sethi, and she is a creative writer who publishes her own poetry, travel scrapbooks, prose, and more over at her blog

Today We Will Look at one of her older posts:

Poems of Love: Silent Lover

1 You would never say you love me,
2 Because it’ll make you love me less?
3 The way you look into my eyes, I know there’s something more you want.
4 You want to be held and loved, like a little baby.
5 You would never say you miss me,
6 But I know how your passion holds me when you do
7 The sparkle in your eyes tells me you want to feel…

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That Moonless Night

That which does not belong to you
Can, sometimes, make you feel like
You belong.
And strangers, sometimes, can feel;
More familiar than friends.

Sat under the star-lit sky
We belonged, on that moonless night,
To the sound of the waves.
We belonged to the chilly breeze, to the trees,
To the seaside sand, silky beige.

In that moment, we belonged to the fire that lit
Inside us, and before us
And moments later,
We belonged to the sea
Standing with our feet in water
We watched the algae glow,
Through each other, we felt the energy flow,
We yearned, at that moment, for Time
To go slow.

And it was at that moment
When we had forgotten who we were
But never knew ourselves better
Forgotten where we were from
But felt like we belonged
Forgotten how we chase time
Merely, for a dime.

Our minds buzzing with alcohol
And memories to which
We will hold on tight
Sat under the star-lit sky
We belonged to that moonless night.

— Gunjan Sethi