Poems Of Love: There

She drove into the darkness
Lost moonlight through the mist
Trees glaring at her moving past
She held the imagination of an artist

It had been hours into the journey
Trying to chase the moon and leave it behind
But just like some memories of his
The moon wasn’t going to leave her alone tonight

The gears, steering was subconscious
One moment, two places

Lying next to him, her fingers through his hair
And this road, her car eating up the painted white lines
Not here, she wanted to be there.

— Gunjan Sethi

Poems Of Love: Bathroom

Songs played
fast and upbeat
I was smoking on the toilet seat

You wont believe the number of times
i’ve unwritten and written this one
Sounds much like our love
Look at what you’ve done!

Cant think straight through this smoke
My fingers trembling while I’m typing
A hundred words I spoke, But none that will tell you
What I’m feeling

Heart’s racing now
inside my stomach, there’s a storm
Can’t handle this like a lady anymore
I’ll be smoking in my bathroom; alone

The cigg’s almost burnt out
I should be calling you right now
But just like every other time
I’m gonna butt it, write down everything I feel
And put my mind to sleep

I’m afraid you won’t feel
This love for me too
I’ll go back to being real
True love isn’t really true

I’ve opened the bathroom door
The smoke’s quickly losing shape
My feelings for you, deep within
I wish someday they’ll find their escape.

— Gunjan Sethi


She’s the sunshine
The one that inspires me to rise every day, every moment
The one that lights up my world when it’s dim
The one that gives me warmth, on my coldest days
The one I can’t live without!

She’s the ocean
Calm, blue, bringing me peace
At times, powerful and energetic
To put me back on my feet.

She the universe
Holding everyone she loves
Close and with care
Listening to everything I have to say
With mindfulness and flair.

She a tree
Standing tall, bossomed with pride
For the land to which she belongs
She will, to her last breath, fight!

[To be continued]

Poems Of Love: Only Yours

When the breeze gets colder
And the nights get longer
I’ll know I need you
Need you to hold me, kiss me, squeeze me

I believe
Nothing feels warmer than your touch
Because no other is closer to my heart

I need to hear you call my name
Call my name like you want to be inside me
Look at me like you want to possess me

And tonight, sweetheart,
Is the night I’ll be yours
Only yours.

–Gunjan Sethi


Cigarettes remind me of sex with you
Times you gripped my hair tight between your fingers
As you came closer to kiss me;
And I turned my face away.
Your grip grew stronger
It was the summer of May

Kneeling down in front of you
“Look at me”, you said
Blowing the smoke, off your lungs, onto my face
You smirked at me

Evil and wicked
Hard and wet
A kiss, I couldn’t resist

Nails deeper into you
As you went deeper into me

[To be continued]

– Gunjan Sethi