Poems of Love: You

They say you’ll know when it’s true love
But I say you won’t
You won’t see it, you won’t know it
And you’ll continue to wonder why it feels different.

Why it feels new; fresh like morning dew
Why, finally after all these years
You feel like.

Ironic, indeed, Love’s ways.

You’ll be stuck in a chase; bound,
To find the best of you
For the best of whom you’ve found.

— Gunjan Sethi


It’s me under these puffy eyes
Under the skin that’s grown fat
Cold hearted; what are you made of
Frozen in ice?

It’s me under the spots on my cheeks
Inside these large jackets
Hiding my insecurities
Beautiful; can you see?

I’ll find myself again, again, again

Won’t look at my feet anymore
Straight into your eyes
Puff up my chest, won’t hide
Trim myself, and then you’ll see

If that’s what beautiful means to you, baby
You’ll find me, you’ll find me.

— Gunjan Sethi

Poems Of Love: Dead

In the days, and at night
A lover, more than a valentine
Lost track of time. Yours, it is forever,
This messy, confused soul of mine

In my sheets and in my poems
You’re all around
Every night, what puts me to sleep
Is the your heartbeat’s sound

True love meant your kisses
Your touch and your smiles
I know you’re sending me a hug
From miles and miles

When I wake up every morning
I’ll put on your love
Do you see me, sweetheart?
From up above?

– Gunjan Sethi