He Holds Her Under

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Tall, Dark and Dominant

He holds her under by a fistful of hair.

She’s throwing her arms backwards, trying to claw at any part of him.

He found there in the bath, positioned under the running tap, writhing in ecstasy until her eyes fluttered open and she saw him.

Something dark and warm rushed over him, within him, as he covered the space between them in a single step, possessed to grab her by the hair and dunk her under.

He could feel that something different within his body, pumping through his system. It took a sadistic sort of glee at the way her tits jiggled as he took command of her body, at the way she shrieked and pleaded for him to listen to reason. He would not.

With his free hand, he found her exposed cunt, shaven and pink, and traced his index finger along her slit.

A beat —- then he…

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Poems Of Love: Choice

What’s Sex got to do with Love?
What’s your Touch got to do with my Heart?
We could give our bodies and keep our souls
Or give our hearts; but never come close.

I’ll let you cut me open, and look inside
But if I turned evil, will you leave my side?
Past my skin, I’ll let you come through
But if I told you I’m out of love, what will you do?

So when you touch me again, make sure to feel
If you take my heart, make sure to keep
Or tell me my skin is all you need
And we’ll come close, yet apart we’ll be.

–Gunjan Sethi

Poems of Love: Devil Fuck

Throw me onto the backseat of your car

And show me all of your passion, baby

I need to feel you all over my body

Listen to all the dirty things you tell me!

Grab the skin on my back

Bring your face close to my chest

Till your beard tickles my skin

And I can feel your lips on my breast

Ah, don’t grab me so hard!

You’re going to leave me blue

Aren’t you the devil?

Oh how long I’ve waited to fuck you!

–Gunjan Sethi

Poems Of Love: Her Purse

She stood there in her most beautiful dress
And her sexiest heels
Tucked behind her ear, her shiny black tress
Glanced at her watch, nervously.

She wanted to think, but not of him
She wanted to do, more than just him
She wanted to live, past their moments
It was time, the sun was dim

Held her purse close,
Like she held his arm at night
Like it was the only thing that made her feel alive
But tonight, she was going to be free, she decided she needed no knight

Toxic, no he wasn’t
But she made him and she couldn’t let go
The best people, we turn them into everyday
And then decide, we want them no more.

Lifted her head and broke into a smile
As she saw him walking towards her, down the aisle.

Held her purse closer and she puffed up her lungs
With a breathe so deep, so she could hold it while everything was getting done.

He was three steps close, two and one
She reached for the purse and slit his throat, done.

–Gunjan Sethi

Poems of Love: She Took You

Take me back
To love; to that state of mind
When it was all the same thing;

Take me back to when we spent hours on the bed
Hours of feeling;
What we wanted to feel forever
Who knew I had to watch you suffer?

When She was coming to get you
What I couldn’t; you foresaw
Who knew I had to watch you suffer?
Struggling to escape her claw.

Ugly; as her grip grew tougher
Who knew I had to watch you suffer?
As your breath went shorter, and your eyes were dimmer
Why couldn’t I have you? Forever, forever.

I wish you had been louder,
When she made you suffer
I wish Love was stronger
So I could ask her to leave you with me: forever, forever.

But as she held you closer and made you suffer
I watched Love grow weaker
Is there nothing that defeats her?
Ever; ever?

Poems and prose spoke;
When she came; she stole
People you love; and people who love
Their bodies, mind and soul.

Too soon, too young
Too strong to succumb
Too blue, she took you
Love watched her; dumb

She was Death
Who knew I had to watch you suffer?
She left me alone
Dead lover; dead lover.

— Gunjan Sethi

Poems of Love: Mockery

Mockery; lies

When you confess to me, looking right into my eyes.

Your love’s not new;

Heard it a million times over

And lost it a million times too

Now you tell me you’re my lover?

Already moved past a few.

– Gunjan Sethi