Poems of Love: It’s All Me

Captivated in metal chains
All these hours, you’ve held me still
My scream wouldn’t get past the locked doors
The pain was tearing up my will
Could you please help me?
Help me wipe off these tears?

They’re tears if joy, so be gentle
I’m finally here to be all yours
Because I love you and I don’t want to leave
Shut them tight, all the doors
I’ll lie here still and let you do whatever you like
Even if it’s against my will.

Your thoughts fill me with terror
They leave my muscles paralyzed
How can you be such an animal?
Why won’t you let me out?
Love doesn’t cause pain, it heals
The evil inside you will never let you, really, feel.

This pain you give, is pleasure,
Your thoughts wet my bits
When you show me how strong you are,
I know, no animal, can do me any harm
This is true love, so come close
Come close and fill me with yourself.

It’s two of me, can you see? I feel that;
Sometimes you kiss and sometimes you hurt me.
I can’t decide to love your love or despise it
I can’t decide who’s inside me.

Sometimes I tie myself up
And love me like I want to be loved
And when it hurts, I cry so hard
Wishing someone would wipe these tears off.

When I’m hurting me, I burst out to laugh
And moments later, fear fills my gut
But then I slide it again, all the way up
Leaves me deadly still, the sight of blood.

Behind locked doors, it’s not two
It’s three
A triangle of pain/pleasure
It’s all me, it’s all me.

— Gunjan Sethi


  1. stormwriter2 · April 15, 2019

    frightening and beautiful…

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  2. Justice Alexa · April 17, 2019

    Your sense of rhythm is just perfect, much respect

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  3. gsethi2409 · April 17, 2019

    Thank you, means alot!

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  4. gsethi2409 · April 17, 2019


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  5. श्री राधा · April 18, 2019

    Great posts. so smartly choosen words.. i love with this post.. great..
    your post is amezing..

    Liked by 1 person

  6. gsethi2409 · April 18, 2019

    Thank you so much!


  7. श्री राधा · April 18, 2019

    How you do this writting.. Sucha a great writting..

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  8. sensualsidd · April 28, 2019

    Beautiful you

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  9. gsethi2409 · April 28, 2019



  10. Shayra · May 21, 2019

    Behind locked doors, it’s not two
    It’s three
    A triangle of pain/pleasure
    It’s all me, it’s all me.
    I loved these lines, these are most powerful and frightening one. Wonderful expression of words 👌

    Liked by 1 person

  11. gsethi2409 · May 21, 2019



  12. Shayra · May 21, 2019

    Welcome and thanks for following my blog


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