Dear 15, Say No!

You crept into my pants, when I didn’t know how to say no
Now you creep into my dreams, laugh at my panic grow
Did I agree to be fucked? Remind me- my memories are numb
All I remember is that you were way older, and I was dumb.

Today, I will consume you. Every bit, every drop.
Kink? Pain? Sure. Chop. Chop. Chop.

Every word you said that haunts me- “Mmm, you taste so good!”
I’ll say them back at you, let’s get in the mood!
You don’t seem happy; just like I did.
Why are you looking like a corpse, just like I did?

One comment

  1. Kumar Harsh · August 16, 2020

    One of the worst forms of pains that a person can inflict on an another person. Hope you are well.


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