He Holds Her Under

One of my favorites out of the articles I’ve read this week!

Tall, Dark and Dominant

He holds her under by a fistful of hair.

She’s throwing her arms backwards, trying to claw at any part of him.

He found there in the bath, positioned under the running tap, writhing in ecstasy until her eyes fluttered open and she saw him.

Something dark and warm rushed over him, within him, as he covered the space between them in a single step, possessed to grab her by the hair and dunk her under.

He could feel that something different within his body, pumping through his system. It took a sadistic sort of glee at the way her tits jiggled as he took command of her body, at the way she shrieked and pleaded for him to listen to reason. He would not.

With his free hand, he found her exposed cunt, shaven and pink, and traced his index finger along her slit.

A beat —- then he…

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Together We Rise: Gunjan Sethi’s Piece

The Nameless Collective

Good morning ladies and gents this morning instead of posting one of our works, I will instead promote one of the wonderful poetics who I have had the pleasure of speaking to lately.
Her name is Gunjan Sethi, and she is a creative writer who publishes her own poetry, travel scrapbooks, prose, and more over at her blog


Today We Will Look at one of her older posts:


Poems of Love: Silent Lover

1 You would never say you love me,
2 Because it’ll make you love me less?
3 The way you look into my eyes, I know there’s something more you want.
4 You want to be held and loved, like a little baby.
5 You would never say you miss me,
6 But I know how your passion holds me when you do
7 The sparkle in your eyes tells me you want to feel…

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The “Get Your Shit Together” Guide

Some great stuff there! Give it a read 😀


Maybe things didn’t work out as planned. Maybe you’ve been in a slump lately. Maybe you have never had it all under control to begin with. Regardless of where you’re coming from, here’s a little life organization manual to get you where you want to be.

  1. Make a list. Start small, and write down 3 things that need to get done this week. Then, add two thing’s you’d like to finish within the next month. These can be goals or simply to-do items, but either way putting them in writing (or typing) will make them more likely to actually happen.
  2. Use a calendar. My favorite app is called Sunrise and it works for your Desktop, iPad, iPhone, and Android. Now place the items you listed above in the calendar, assigning appropriate due dates and reminders to ensure they are completed. Merge all your schedules/obligations into this one location, and follow religiously.

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Everything You Want’s a Dream Away~

If you guessed those lyrics were from a Coldplay song as soon as you read them, leave a comment! We could be great friends, you know?
And if you didn’t, you’re still awesome ’cause you dropped by to read. Hehe.

So, I was listening to this beautiful song (Check it out: Adventures of a Lifetime – Coldplay) today morning on my way to college. Coldplay just takes me to another place. A happy, more cheerful place. ❤ While I was humming the tune along, these lyrics just got me.

“Everything you want’s a dream away~”
– Coldplay
These words have such an enchantic meaning.

If there’s anything you’ve wished for with a true heart, anything that you’ve wanted to see yourself become, anything you’ve wanted to live upto, anything you’ve wanted to achieve, it’s merely a dream away, my friend!
If you never dreamt about it or imagined your cherished self, how would you know just how much you want it? How will you know how beautiful it is to be amongst the stars, if you never dived into the wonderland?
That is what’s going to put you in your shoes and get you going. That’s where you should look for your motivation.
The door to success lies in luring your mind and heart with the joys that might accompany it.
The essence of success is that which can make a lame man, run towards his dream.
Such is Life and such are the moves of Fortune.

Toodles x