She’s the sunshine
The one that inspires me to rise every day, every moment
The one that lights up my world when it’s dim
The one that gives me warmth, on my coldest days
The one I can’t live without!

She’s the ocean
Calm, blue, bringing me peace
At times, powerful and energetic
To put me back on my feet.

She the universe
Holding everyone she loves
Close and with care
Listening to everything I have to say
With mindfulness and flair.

She a tree
Standing tall, bossomed with pride
For the land to which she belongs
She will, to her last breath, fight!

[To be continued]

Be your own kind of beautiful! ~

Does all that powder on your face make you uncomfortable? Are those heels not letting you dance your heart off? Is that dress you tried to squeeze into, not letting you hog onto your favorite food?
Take them off!
Just go to the mirror. And look at your beautiful self. Look at how perfect that smile is. Look how perfect those eyes are.
Just look at you.
Just look, at your own kind of beautiful.
Don’t let them tell you what “beautiful” means. It’s nothing but feeling comfortable and confident.
It’s, feeling the best of you.
Impress yourself, before you impress others.
So next time you try to look “beautiful”, check yourself out. Just turn around and flip your hair.
“I’m impressed!”
A big, bright smile is the cherry on the cake.
Because don’t just look beautiful, feel beautiful ❤

Hey, what’s your kind of beautiful?

Let me know in the comments. 🙂

“The sun is on my side
Take me for a ride
I smile up to the sky
I know I’ll be alright”

“Pocketful Of Sunshine”, Natasha Bedingfield


Toodles x