Poems of Love: Possession

You’re a possession of mine
A possession, sweet
A possession- I’ll
Forever, keep

Neither to the earth,
Nor to the sky
When they say I should let go of your body,
They all lie

So what Death consumed you?
You still belong to me
Every cell in your body
Is a possession of mine
A possession, sweet

Your beautiful body and your clear skin
Locked up in this cold, metal tin
If it gets too chilly
My love will keep you warm; don’t you worry

But this is good now
If I hurt you, you won’t bleed
When we argue
You won’t weep

Remember you would say
That I take your breathe away?
Here we are now
The world believes me today.

[to be continued]

– Gunjan Sethi

Does your Heart have a Place for Yourself?

While I was scrolling through my Facebook feed, I found this image. Such a beautifully written piece of work about how every single human must find a place for themselves in their hearts!

It’s about time all of us realize the beauty within ourselves. Not only realize, but also cherish it! Regardless of how many people are trying to put you down, step forward and rise. Look above the haze and show them that your love for yourself cannot be injured by them.

So keep loving yourself, and I promise you’ll have a billion candles on your cake. ❤


Toodles x