There is no love like ours
For they are inseparable, our souls
On a dark day, when my heart beat stops
And they say I’m no more
Smile, I’m alive, I’m alive, I’m alive
Just not in this body anymore

For they are inseparable, our souls
There is no love like our own

– Gunjan Sethi

Poems of Love: Mockery

Mockery; lies

When you confess to me, looking right into my eyes.

Your love’s not new;

Heard it a million times over

And lost it a million times too

Now you tell me you’re my lover?

Already moved past a few.

– Gunjan Sethi


She’s the sunshine
The one that inspires me to rise every day, every moment
The one that lights up my world when it’s dim
The one that gives me warmth, on my coldest days
The one I can’t live without!

She’s the ocean
Calm, blue, bringing me peace
At times, powerful and energetic
To put me back on my feet.

She the universe
Holding everyone she loves
Close and with care
Listening to everything I have to say
With mindfulness and flair.

She a tree
Standing tall, bossomed with pride
For the land to which she belongs
She will, to her last breath, fight!

[To be continued]

Poems Of Love: Only Yours

When the breeze gets colder
And the nights get longer
I’ll know I need you
Need you to hold me, kiss me, squeeze me

I believe
Nothing feels warmer than your touch
Because no other is closer to my heart

I need to hear you call my name
Call my name like you want to be inside me
Look at me like you want to possess me

And tonight, sweetheart,
Is the night I’ll be yours
Only yours.

–Gunjan Sethi