Poems of Love: She Took You

Take me back
To love; to that state of mind
When it was all the same thing;

Take me back to when we spent hours on the bed
Hours of feeling;
What we wanted to feel forever
Who knew I had to watch you suffer?

When She was coming to get you
What I couldn’t; you foresaw
Who knew I had to watch you suffer?
Struggling to escape her claw.

Ugly; as her grip grew tougher
Who knew I had to watch you suffer?
As your breath went shorter, and your eyes were dimmer
Why couldn’t I have you? Forever, forever.

I wish you had been louder,
When she made you suffer
I wish Love was stronger
So I could ask her to leave you with me: forever, forever.

But as she held you closer and made you suffer
I watched Love grow weaker
Is there nothing that defeats her?
Ever; ever?

Poems and prose spoke;
When she came; she stole
People you love; and people who love
Their bodies, mind and soul.

Too soon, too young
Too strong to succumb
Too blue, she took you
Love watched her; dumb

She was Death
Who knew I had to watch you suffer?
She left me alone
Dead lover; dead lover.

— Gunjan Sethi

Poems of Love: You

They say you’ll know when it’s true love
But I say you won’t
You won’t see it, you won’t know it
And you’ll continue to wonder why it feels different.

Why it feels new; fresh like morning dew
Why, finally after all these years
You feel like.

Ironic, indeed, Love’s ways.

You’ll be stuck in a chase; bound,
To find the best of you
For the best of whom you’ve found.

— Gunjan Sethi

Poems Of Love: There

She drove into the darkness
Lost moonlight through the mist
Trees glaring at her moving past
She held the imagination of an artist

It had been hours into the journey
Trying to chase the moon and leave it behind
But just like some memories of his
The moon wasn’t going to leave her alone tonight

The gears, steering was subconscious
One moment, two places

Lying next to him, her fingers through his hair
And this road, her car eating up the painted white lines
Not here, she wanted to be there.

— Gunjan Sethi

That Moonless Night

That which does not belong to you
Can, sometimes, make you feel like
You belong.
And strangers, sometimes, can feel;
More familiar than friends.

Sat under the star-lit sky
We belonged, on that moonless night,
To the sound of the waves.
We belonged to the chilly breeze, to the trees,
To the seaside sand, silky beige.

In that moment, we belonged to the fire that lit
Inside us, and before us
And moments later,
We belonged to the sea
Standing with our feet in water
We watched the algae glow,
Through each other, we felt the energy flow,
We yearned, at that moment, for Time
To go slow.

And it was at that moment
When we had forgotten who we were
But never knew ourselves better
Forgotten where we were from
But felt like we belonged
Forgotten how we chase time
Merely, for a dime.

Our minds buzzing with alcohol
And memories to which
We will hold on tight
Sat under the star-lit sky
We belonged to that moonless night.

— Gunjan Sethi